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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 19, 2013 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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>> shepherd: this bunch was really confused, it would appear. i mean, the idea was to go to the art museum and see all the nudes. they didn't say mirrors. they took all their clothes off in there. stupid. we blurred it for you because, frankly, some of it is not pretty. some 200 people naked except for their shoes and socks, showed up at the exhibition nude men from 1800 to today at a museum in austria's capital city of vienna. this was in response to an incident late last year when a man stripped naked down inside that gallery and got a security guard to hold him and told him to put his clothes back on.
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the spokesman said that folks from around the world contacted the museum to defend the guy. organizers set up today's special nude showing. before we wrap things up here in the b, residentses in a southern illinois community thought their neighbors were up to something suspicious. they thought buckets and plastic tubes set up in several spots around the benson property. someone thought it looked like a meth lab. police raided the property and found out that the benson's were making homemade maple syrup. laura benson is not upset at all. she said everyone in the neighborhood is invited to her house for pancakes. the markets are open today. they're above 14,000. the next time you hear it's all awful, tell them no, it's actually not. these cuts are not smart. they are not fair. emergency responders like the ones who are here today, their ability to help communities respond to and recover from
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disasters will be degraded. federal prosecutors will have to close cases and let criminals go. air traffic controllers and airport security will see cutbacks. hundreds of thousands of americans will lose access to primary care and preventive care like flu vac nations and cancer screenings. thousands of teachers and educators will be laid off. sinister sequestration, republican dam nation, total obliteration, maximum frustration. likely the end of our nation. all right. i ran out of rhymes. forget the cuts that are coming. is this over the top end of the world stuff if they do getting a little more than unbecoming, and is using emergency works as props to make pint, no a point,w making any attempt at reigning in spending pointless. look at the props and our debt and the three and a half trillion dollar budget from which we're cutting 80 million
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dollars. ask yourself this. is thi this is the kind of reacn cutting gets you in washington, what happens when we really have to get cutting in washington? today we cut to the chase. expect no cutting at all. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. they say actions speak louder than words. let's just say the president's action on spending today leave me doubtful about his words on spending any day because mark it down, he has given up those sequestration cuts on which he signed off. what amounted to a back up back bone for washington to come up with automatic cuts if they couldn't agree on at least some cuts is suddenly looking real, and to hear the president tell it, real dangerous as well, but again, ask yourself this. if cutting little more than 1% off the growth of our budget creates such a stink, my , oh, my. how could we ever make progress cutting on a more than $16 trillion debt that now reeks. so michelle malkin who has been
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smelling this rat for a long time. michelle, this is incredible. what do you make of this? >> it is. this is a court jester of sequester. i think this press conference was a national embarrassment. damnation, condemnation, get your rhyming dictionary. >> you had a couple more rhymes than i did. i ran out of them. he signed onto these cuts knowing they were sort of the back up plan as did republicans, i might point out. >> yeah. >> this feigned shock and awe about what we're facing really raises the question would did you come up in the first place? >> he didn't just sign on to them. he was the author. we know from bob woodward the whole idea of sequestration was barack obama's idea. he didn't think the republicans would go along with it. he was expecting them to fold, but there are a lot of responsible fiscal conservatives who understood that they needed to prove that even they could stomach some of these defense cuts because they had to show
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that they were serious about reigning in government, and yet here we go again with the chicken little in chief surrounding himself with these human she's the, thhuman shieldt responders, wailing and moaning and shreeking. >> by the way, how does this jieb with what you said in the past, mr. president, about your resolve to a deal with the budget deficit. i just want you to listen to this, michelle. >> i refuse to leave our children with a debt that they cannot repay. our prosperity also depends on our ability to pay down the massive debt we've accumulated over the past decade in a way that allows us to meet our responsibilities to each other and to the future. if we don't act, that burden will ultimately fall on our children's shoulders. if we don't act, the growing debt will eventually crowd out everything else. all of us agree we've got to pay down our debt.
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we've got to make sure that we're living within our means. >> that was then, this is now. where do we stand now? >> well, of course, the lips say to save the children, but the actions say screw the children. i mean, at the same time that we're talking about a 2.4% cut in the 2013 budget, this piddly tidally winks $85 million is a cut, can we put that in ghost quotes? at the same time he's talking about that, what did he just do? he just signed $60 billion in hurricane sandy spending that has no offsets to it. >> also in the state of the union address in which he proposed hundreds of billions of dollars whic of additional speng promising it won't add a dime to the deficit which the only way to pay for it is more taxes. i did i gress. in the scheme of things, i don't care if you're right or left on
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the issue, 85 billion in a 3.8 trillion budget is not a lot. in the scheme of what's going to be likely 10 years from now at a minimum of $20 trillion debt, rounding error, rounding error, rounding error. if we're fighting and g u you -f fawing with this, what are we going to do when we put the pedal to the medal? >> it's an educational and evangelical mission to get people to open their eyes to the real crisis here. the message from he' these demos over the last couple of weeks has been very coordinated. the woord wil world will end ift spend. that has it completely bass acward, right. it's because of all the spending that we're facing the apocalypse. they're kicking the can down the road. we're ten days from the looming sequestration cuts and instead
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of swallowing it and sucking it up and final paying some consequences, what is obama doing? he's blaming us for taking away primary care physicians and endangering the national security of every man, woman, and child in america. >> all i've got to say. you pointed out at the beginning, michelle, quite appropriately both sides came up with these is he quest transportation. tilted heavily towards defense cuts was a white house idea to try to propel republicans to do something. to express shock that it's coming to pass is too much, too much. great seeing you again. take a look at this. this might strike you as odd. markets up as all the sequestration stuff is going down. the dow is getting clearr and closer to an all time high. the markets are ignoring this whole dust up over these automatic dust up, or they're not ignoring those cuts and actually welcominwelcoming them coming. to market watch where they say bring them on. i guess something's better than nothing, huh?
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>> listen. first of all, most of america is not concerned with these tv terms like fiscal cliff and debt ceiling and sequestration. >> what about when i rhyme them together and say sequestration, damnation, louse nation. >hallucination. >> to most of america, it's benign to them. when i look at what really happens as a market watcher in the past, here comes the fiscal cliff. guess what. everything's fine, market goes up. >> what happens if we get to march 1st and we go over the cliff or whatever you want to call it? are the markets thinking we avoid it, or are the market saying 85 billion in the scheme of things, better than nothing, get on with it? >> i think the historical pattern has shown us that every time we get up to these supposed drop dead dates, nothing happens. they come up with some kind of solution. >> were they thinking that, or are they thinking we hope they do go through with these cuts,
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minor as they are? >> i think the markets believe that these cuts will happen. i think the markets believe that this is a sliver of a thaw in the gridlock in washington. the republicans called obama's bluff on this one. fine, you want defense cuts, fine. we want some cuts. i think when the market looks at it, you know, stag nated employment numbers, terrible gdp numbers. we need something in the markets to grasp onto. >> they must realize these cuts, even though they're being presented as draconian are just a spit in the ocean. they're nothing. >> compared to the overall net worth. >> something is better than nothing. >> it's better to do a little something than nothing, and i think the markets want something to grab onto. at this point, hey, finally we're seeing a cut which is something good in the markets seem to like that. >> they like a back bone than no better back bone at all. >> so good with the rhyming. >> i know. jesse jackson, watch out. jonathan, thanks, buddy.
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what's going on in washington is truly outrageous. it's time to shake things up. >> all right. you really have to love your country a lot to risk embarrassing yourself a lot, but that guy in the white wig figured it's a silly dance. we'll get people talking about all this spending and if he can get a partner like former budget boss alice redlynn to join him in the same dance, she's in the big old hat, what the heck. it worked for alan simpson when he was willing to dance for a cause. we'll wake folks up to addressing something serious now. both videos urge stop kicking the can down the former u.s. senator david walker will happily shake to that cause any time. david, a couple of things i discovered about you. you're comfortable in your own skin, and you can't dance. i will. >> we have that in common. you and me both. >> one of the things i liked about this is you were really with a little bit of humor
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alerting people, particularly young people to a problem right in front of our eyes. what are you saying? >> they're going to pay the price. they're going to bear the burden for the failure, and i underline the word failure for the president and the congress to reach a fiscal bargain. let's put the numbers in perspective, neal. the sequester is 85 billion out of a 1.3 trillion dollar discretionary budget but over half a year. it's 85 out of 650 billion. it needs to happen if they don't reach a bigger deal, but it's more significant on the part of the budget that's being -- that's being affected than people realize. with need to deal with the drivers, demographics, health care costs, and an outdated tax system. yet congress is out of town. no deal, no check it out. >> explain this to me. if we're ver vetching and tearig
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each other apart and use being emergency worker props in the face of what are relatively small cuts in the scheme of things, imagine what we'd be doing if the cuts were and should be, as you say, much more substantial. >> well, there's absolutely no question that we're going from short-term crisis to short-term crisis. we're treating the symptoms, not the disease. the see quester is not the intel gent way to do things, but in my view, it should happen and should continue to happen unless and until they reach a much bigger deal that involves much more significant spending reductions including mandatory spending as well as comprehensive tax reform that will generate more revenues. >> what did you think of the simpson-bowles reemerged and coming up with what they say will be a followup plan. i don't know if it's simpson-bowles 2.o to put the pedal to the medal, concrete specifics to what can and should be cut. what did you think of what they were proposing ortizinproposingr
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teasing today. >> i have great respect for them, but i don't think we need a simpson-bowles 2 plan. i think we need an obama 1 plan. we need a senate plan. we need to hear about what the american people think about particular reforms rather than what two people think about reforms, irrespective of who they are. >> you worry that the more time goes by, republican or democratic president, there's a brief honey moon period or a brief period to get anything done. this president, maybe this congress by extension, have missed that key opportunity. >> we only have one chief executive officer of the united states, and that's the president. the president has a disproportionate opportunity and obligation to lead. the president did not do it in his state of the union. he still has not submitted his budget. you know, he needs to bridge the gap between the republicans which will be heavily focused on spending reductions and the democrats which won't do enough with regard to social insurance reforms and probably too much on
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taxes. he needs to bridge the gap. he needs to lead. >> all right. real quickly on this video if we can show it real quickly. i can see you agreeing to this because you'll do anything for a good national cause. did you have to persuade alice, the woman carrying or having the umbrella held over her head, the former budget director, to get her to participate in this? >> when she heard that we were both going to be doing it, she enthusiastically agreed. >> neither of you were drinking? >> no. absolutely not. nothing other than water. >> okay. >> not russian water. not russian water. real water. >> david walker, thank you very, very much. >> you're welcome. well, mr. president, did the screamer -- >> we're going to washington, d.c. to take back the white house. >> just scream the truth on taxes? >> yeah.
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forget the scream. listen to what former dnc chair howard dean just said that's being heard even louder. >> somebody has to tell the middle class that either your taxes are going up or your programs are getting cut or else we're going into financial 0 boliviaon. nobody really wants to tell them that. >> that's a democrat telling the middle class their taxes are going up if things remain status quo. we always knew it wasn't just the rich. well, he called it like it was, right? >> oh, he called it like it was. i mean, for once we all have to agree that howard dean had a legitimate point here, and instead of him screaming, it should have all americans screaming because we're going to be feeling, all of us, the
1:20 pm
ramifications of washington just stalling and putting off dealing with this crisis that we have. >> what he's saying effectively is we kind of have a choice. if you want government to grow and you want it to do everything for everyone, you're going to have to pay and dealer for it, and you're going to have to pay through a lot higher taxes than those just imposed on the rich. you'd have to go down sort of the food chain here to the middle class and beyond. now, that simple math that he's recognizing, it's still seems to be officially denied by the powers that be in the democratic party from the president on down. what do you make of that? >> well, it's basically playing chicken here. the white house is playing chicken. they're insisting this is a problem that's all taxes. well, we didn't get to 16 trillion dollars in debt by just having a tax problem. this is at its core a spending problem, and it's spending way above our means. that's what washington has continued to do for the past two years. they haven't recognized what the real problem is, and you saw that with the fiscal cliff deal.
1:21 pm
look. they had a deal that they put in place that had no spending cuts whatsoever, and here we finally have a bi-partisan deal, sequester, that actually was the idea of the president, it was the idea of the white house, it actually passed with bi-partisan support and now they're rejecting it a year and a half later. >> what i'm wondering is you know, you look at where we're going and we're looking at all the spending. we can't keep this up. he we just can't keep it up. >> no. >> if you were to take all the rich folks' money, it wouldn't be enough to sustain the type of spending forever. that's just a reality. the fact that the president and leading democrats said spending is not an issue, it's not a problem and along comes howard dean who says well, it might not be a problem, but to sustain what you're doing, you have to hit up the middle class. maybe they're waiting to drop that bombshell. what do you think? >> it's denial. it's wanting to keep the debate focused on taxes. the president admitted before that we do have a spending problems and he wanted to cut
1:22 pm
the deficit in half by the end of his first. it's a spending problem that washington continues to put off and put off. medicare is going insol vent in ten years, social security insolvent in 20 years, and you have political posturing and thee at ricks. if the president was so worried about see quester going into effect, he wouldn't spend time on the golf course this past weekend. yes, everyone deserves a break. >> not happening. >> the american people deserve a real break. that's a break in the current pattern of more spending in washington. >> gretchen, thanks. meanwhile, brazen, ballet bt worms. why is it because we 0 the chinese a b lot of money, we're silent? a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us flight to our favorite climbing spot
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wow. google north of 800. apple may have fallen from grace, but the high tech world has a new leader in the market race. it's the search engine that today searched out new record territory. 800 plus bucks a share, up more than 13% this year. for now, at least, google gets the last giggle. number one in the high tech parade for now. we still owe and they still hack, and now china is officially out of control. don't look now, but proof today our sugar daddy is a thief. virginia based corporation out with a lin report that links the chinese military with stealing vital secrets from husband. hacking our military contractors
1:27 pm
or energy companies and scores of other industries, doing is to 10 bray zenly and consistently and so often that it borders on a joke. it's no joke. given the fact that it's china, our biggest creditor and the nation that owes more than 1.3 trillion dollars of the debt creates a serious dilemma for us which could explain the white house's caution, if not tepid response to all of this. because we owe doesn't mean we 0 china a response and an angry response at that. the next guest says you bet we better have an angry response. aaron, i'm waiting. not hearing it. what do you make of that.
1:28 pm
just to give you a scale of that size, it would be equivalent to0 billion tweets of information stored over a period of five years. it's a lot of information that can be used againsts in the fact that we owe this country whatever amount of money we owe. it's a little disturbing in terms of national security. >> the one thing that bothers me besides, you know, the egregious nature of this and the far flung nature of this is how they could do it with military contractors of whom you would think that there are better safety and security measures, but the chinese military can come in willie nilly and seem to get what they want and whatever they want, however often they want. >> yeah. the military, the actual unit in china that the corporation has pinpointed this small 12-story building in the suburbs outside of shanghai is unit that's called 61398. it's their cyber warfare unit.
1:29 pm
it's been known for some time that this unit has had a very strong capability in terms of its ability to be able to get large amounts of intelligence. how it's affected the private contractors. i wouldn't worry just yet. the fact that they've been able to hack into those systems means they have the ability to at least get past the initial layers. i know the security systems in place for private military contractors is very strict. i know they're going through a very serious safeguard process, so i wouldn't worry immediately about what information could have gotten into the people's republic army. however, it is something that needs to be looked at a lot closer, and this unit is dedicated in shanghai. that's what they do, and this could be looked at as probably one of the largest cyber espionage cases in terms of the volume of sheer information. >> they're denying it and we say they're doing it. they say they're not doing it. much about it.sleeping dogs lie i'm wondering, obviously to our own peril, why is that
1:30 pm
happening, and is it because we're beholden to the chinese and we don't want to rock the boat, or we just don't have enough evidence when i scht we t we do? >> well, i think it's more of the we don't want to rock the boat, and i think that unfortunately doesn't favor very well when it comes to security issues, and when it comes to information. it's very hard to pinpoint where this attack is coming from, but clearly we've got a report that's been released, and we're starting to rock the boat, and the reason why we're starting to is because our security people realize that by putting this information out there, that it's going to force these -- this hacking unit to change its tactics. so i think it's the first one that you mentioned. >> all right. we'll watch. aaron, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> all right. well, you have heard his threat. you have seen his props. have you ever wondered why any time cuts are coming it's emergency responders and meat inspectors and airport security on the chopping block? i want you to meet the economist
1:31 pm
who says the president isn't just scaring taxpayers, he's black mailing.
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1:35 pm
props, it's quite another to crate a needless national panic. explain, peter. you're saying a lot of these cuts don't have to be in the first place, right? >> absolutely. one of the first ones mentioned was security at the embassies. the marine guards there. did you know we have more members in military bands than we have penal in th people in te foreign service abroad? why don't you get rid of a few tuba players to maintain the marine corps guard in the short-term? that's one expample. i have run a federal department. i know how to work it. i would have no trouble maintaining vital services that i had on a temporary basis and getting my 10% some other way. it's just -- he's making threats that don't need to be made. >> all right. so peter, when he talks about, you know, i don't know if it was today but saying, you know, if you're a meat inspector, it might be a case of the food and drulfood anddrug administrationa
1:36 pm
enough people or staffing to do its job, does the executive branch have the discretion of cutting once we're in a situation like this and if so, is it just going for the low hanging scary fruit to tell people this is what's at stake if these cuts go through? >> it yo if you do 10% over theg term permanently, you have to make changes. on the short-term basis, they have to make the cuts within accounts. you can move people from one account to another. for example, where the food inspectrs are, if you have to cut 10%, you move their clerical personnel to another department or another account and you spread the cuts that way. it's not that hard. >> so this notion that we'll all be, you know, eating dog food or for that matter, taking dangerous drugs, that's more a scary tactic than a real stick one. >> actually, he could do it to us if he like. when i was a kid growing up in new york state, the school budget was always a separate vote from the municipal budget, and that was the biggest tack, so you know, people were angry
1:37 pm
about taxes. they brought out the school budget. the school board with respond no more football team. if you said english department, they would say who cares about shakespeare. the football team, that's what's matters to the college professor. he might do the same thing to us. he'll give us long lines at the airport and a lot of other inconveniences that he doesn't have to do. you know, he's the chief executive of the united states and by the substitution, he's required to run the government with the money that congress gives him. he might not like the amount of money that he gives them, but he's simply not doing his job if he lets these kind of draconian outcomes h occur. >> peter, thank you very much. before he became the chair, there but by the grace of god the man known as cassius clay could have known a life of crime. how his daughter is aiming to stop it from happening to a whole new generation of kids right now.
1:38 pm
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so you want to get kids out of a life of crime, get them into a boxing ring right now. that isn't just anyone pitching that. that is muhammed ali's daughter is pushing that and she's putting her money where her mouth is, opening up a boxing program in chicago to get kids off the street and a fighting chance, well, at life. she's here to explain how it works. good to see you again. >> good to see you, too. >> what's going on here? what are you doing? >> i teamed up with the state crime politician and the police athletic league. the crime in chicago is unbelievable. >> moving up sharply. >> last year was over 500 deaths. this year it's already at 20. it's ridiculous. i teamed up with them because somebody in my family that was gunned down in front of his home in chicago. >> it was your cousin back in what, 1997. >> first cousin, 1997. >> what happened there? >> tragic. it was gang initiation. he was in front of his home talking to his friends, my
1:42 pm
cousin was an honor roll student. he was well liked. he was going places with his life, very smart, and they had to shoot somebody. they shot him. tragic. we've never been able to get over it. it's horrible. >> so you'r your view is you ges who might otherwise be inclined to do this stuff. >> yeah. >> move into this type of activity. >> right. >> if you get them boxing, what makes you think they still won't veer into that? >> well, you know, these programs obviously as you know my dad was part of a pal program. >> police athletic league. >> i know you know the story about my dad, and a cop, jim martin, actually introduced him to a police athletic league gym because he wanted to beat up the guy who stole his bike. >> that's right. >> jim martin said you've got to learn how to box first. so he took him to a police atlantiathletic league gym.
1:43 pm
colin paul is another one. >> many thought if your dad had not veered into that, it could have been a different life. >> it steers your energy away from things that you could be getting into, potentially dangerous things. we try to grab kids at the earliest age possible. we're grabbing them at 8 and 9 years old. these programs are actually offering mentorships, scholarships, internships. the mentorship program is marry paramedics. it's very exciting for them. it's an opportunity for them to get involved in something that's fun and exciting. takes them off the street. >> you know, boxing isn't what it was, in its hay day what it
1:44 pm
was. it's an opportunity for kids to get out of the city. it gives them hope. i'm hoping i can save at least one child from getting shot like my cousin was. >> you and i were talking during the break. they've proven in cities where they experiment with keeping public school or public gyms or basketball courts open later. >> yeah. >> that does cut down on youth crime because there's an alternative. there's an outlet. >> that's correct. your argument is just give these kids an outlet. >> a fighting chance. >> give them a fighting chance. what we do with these programs, and we're having a boxing fundraiser. we have 400 kids involved now, and there's pal programs all over the country. we have celtic boxing in chicago which is run by my brother-in-law. kids are excited when they prepare for these fights. i mean, it gives them hope and they're inspired. also, they go on to college and they do great things. >> we have a lot of military members in the marine corps and the army that came out of pal
1:45 pm
programs. they do great things with their lives. >> how is your dad doing? >> he's doing great. >> there were all rumors that he was in real trouble. >> you know, every year i think the media feels like okay, we need to throw out something about him. i think what happens is you know, my dad likes to get out. he likes to, you know, mingle with people and, you know, when i visit, we go to the movies, we go out to eat. we do fun things. we go to the gym, and when people see him on a day, parkinson'parkinson's, people dw what parkinson's looks like. sometimes my dad's face is drawn. that's part of the muscular movement of the disease. >> his migh mind is sharp. >> very alert. very aware. i think people, if you really know somebody with parkinson's, it's a young person trapped in an old person's body. they want to do and say so many things. parkinson's makes it difficult for you to move and even your facial much muscles are frozen. >> you've been around as the disease has progressed.
1:46 pm
he must get frustrated or is he now sort of resigned to the progression? >> my dad, number one, i've never personally seen or heard him complain about anything. i don't know how he does it because i'm around a lot of parkinson's patients because of what i do. he never complains, and at least i've never heard him complain, but i think he's always said he doesn't really have regrets. even when it comes to parkinson's, so i kind of -- i'm inspired by that. a lot of people have regrets, but he doesn't. he thinks there's a reason why he was diagnosed with this and maybe he thought he can help millions of people all over the world. >> how are you holding up through all in? >> i want to be an advocate like he is. if i can just be a fraction of what my dad has become, then i'm a happy person. >> you're doing that through the technology community now in the prime. do you feel that with the name comes in responsibility or just you feel like you want to do it? >> well, it's so funny. like super man, you know, or spider man.
1:47 pm
it'with great power comes great responsibility. with the ali name comes great responsibility. it's true. i think all of us have a responsibility to give back and pay it forward like our dad taught us. his biotech company is the reason i joined is because of him. brainstorm is an emerging scientific company which i talked about before. their results in phase 1 and 2 clinical trials for als have been so remarkable, as you know, phase 1 and 2, they only test safety, but then ther they're ay seeing signs of efficacy already, especially in our capacitcompassionate patients s. the scientists are blown away. they're exceeding the scientists' expectations. >> you've got the ball rolling. >> because of our results, the ministry of health has pushed us fast forward to face 2a which will test efficacy. we're excited. we're ready to go to the fda. we want to go to professor brown at umass and mass general and do
1:48 pm
clinical trials in the united states. >> like your dad, you're relentless. >> i can't stop. rashedali, you do your dad proud, you do a lot of people proud. she's trying to deal with the crime in chicago, and that is not too shabby, my friend. . all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two.
1:49 pm
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all right. from fired up and ready to go to how about to be fired an just let go. a florida college president recommending a professor be canned for forcing students to pledge to vote for president obama, saying that sharon sweet violated policies when she not only urged students to sign but almost forced them to. she also handed out this book mark with a vow to vote for democrats up and down the ticket. sweet has ten days to respond to
1:52 pm
the investigation. a hearing will be set. who has the better case here? attorneys here. what do you think? >> she clearly violated the school's policy. she was on the clock when she decided to try to force students to sign a pledge. clearly, i don't know what kind of defense she's going to have. she can't use academic freedom or first amendment rights because this was speech that clearly fell outside of that ambit. there's also the charge that she violated policy when it came to creating a hostile academic student environment. she made students who didn't sign the pledge who maybe didn't agree and didn't want to vote for this president, made them feel intimidated, uncomfortable, and if they didn't sign, that they would have a negative grade. >> i've got to wonder the ones who didn't sign, if they got a negative grade. then you would have a smoking bomb. >> right, but how did she intimidate the student? was she standing in the classroom with a baseball bat
1:53 pm
and a vote identifiable t-shirt on? clearly the students had their own free will. >> if you're a professor and you're showing a piece of paper and you want to sign that. >> you have a certain power. >> hang on. unless she actually did force them to sign, here's an interesting thingth is a community college. i'm willing to bet most of her students, this was their first time ever to vote. how are we -- who are we to say she was encouraging them to get out and vote for the first time and just because she was in favor of obama, that's the strategy she used. >> the investigation did not conclude that she also had the same for other presidential candidates, allowing people who supported them to sign a pledge. what about those who have no political affiliation. were they allowed to say hey, i'm not voting for anyone. i don't believe in this process. we don't have any of those facts. we just have a fact that she made students sign a pledge to vote for president obama and the democratic party. >> she's on leave pending resolving this mess. i always begin to think when i hear something this silly that she has an agenda to get a job
1:54 pm
offer somewhere else for a lot more money. >> and she might, but she's a tenured professor, so they're going to go through the process. she'll have an opportunity to respond. >> it will be difficult to terminate her. >> why will b it be difficult to terminate her. >> i understand that. short of murder, they can -- for doing something like this, you can be pushed out, can you? >> yes, she can. it's a very clear policy violation. it's also an issue of judgment. this is intuitively wrong. >> has she had a history of doing this before? >> i haven't read that. >> you think this was a set up hoping for iran-in with the school, hoping for job offers. >> or hoping to set a precedent, you know. there was a supreme court case that didn't exactly decide as to whether ther there were certain protections. >> there's a first amendment for professors. >> they can't oust her for being incompetent which is one of the charges. she's a math professor. incompetent would be teaching 2
1:55 pm
plus 2 equals 5. >> she teaches algebra, right? how would this even come up in algebra? i could see my history professor doing that, my political science professor, but this is algebra. >> that 42 is a sign o is a sige tins. >> why don't you think the kids would be intimidated. >> who is to say? did she put pencils in their hands and say you must sign? >> you know what it's like. you fear -- you want a good grade. you fear something you would do might get you in trouble. >> you do what the professor wants. that's the problem, you're overstepping your bounds. that's the issue. >> you made the point by saying did they actually get failing grades. without that information, i think it's going to be difficult to prove that she was actually intimidating. >> they can still terminate her without that information. the act was that she acted inappropriately and she clearly violated the school's policy of not engaging in political activities while you are
1:56 pm
working, during work hours and on the campus p. >> she's teaching algebra. shut up. >> not political science or history. >> so there are professors with bumper stickers on their cars. >> by the way, if we're days away, meanwhile, from armageddon, why are these guys vacationing ahead of ar armaged. why if i told you that their vacation is loot more important than armageddon and by the way, what's coming down the pike really isn't armageddon.
1:57 pm
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